Dave Headshot

C David Williams

WRF/Moore Sloan Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Science
Daniel and Balazinska Labs
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

Email: cdave@uw.edu
Phone: (206) 792-5827

I'm Dave Williams. I work on understanding the control of biological motion, scaling from the molecular dynamics of individual motor molecules to the kinematics of animal movement. I’ve created models of muscle that incorporated often ignored aspects of motor protein structure. These models showed us how muscle’s geometric properties control the force it generates. Working with the Biewener Lab at the Concord Field Station I looked at how this force is used to control the movement of birds in flight. Now as a WRF fellow at the University of Washington, I’m probing force development in muscle at tiny time scales and developing software tools automate quantitative small angle x-ray scattering analysis.

Many of my experiments involve large-scale Monte Carlo simulations which require a large amount of computer time. They’re accomplished using Python and Amazon's cloud computing environment. Before joining the Field Station, I spent my graduate time in the Regnier and Daniel labs at the University of Washington in Seattle.